A sunny spell: A new mood of optimism infects investors in China’s banks

Apr 12, 2017
Print section Print Rubric:  Faster growth makes China’s debt more manageable, but fears linger Print Headline:  A sunny spell Print Fly Title:  China’s banks UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  As Turkey votes on a new constitution, it is sliding into dictatorship Fly Title:  A sunny spell Location:  SHANGHAI Main image:  20170415_FND001_0.jpg GUO SHUQING, China’s new banking regulator, knows the enormity of his task. China’s banking system, he observed last month, is worth more than $33trn. So it is bigger than any other country’s, and even than Europe’s as a whole. And he is well aware of the pitfalls left by a decade of breakneck lending growth. But if Mr Guo is nervous, he is hiding it. “All problems and contradictions will be resolved,” he says. Of course, a Chinese official can be ...

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