A brawl on a cruise ship raises worries about security at sea

Feb 27, 2018

THE cruise industry sells itself as a relaxing way to travel, a world away from the hassle, queues and crime of travelling on land. Yet not all holidays look like the brochure, and cruises are no exception. Earlier this month one such voyage, nicknamed the “cruise from hell”, came to a resounding end in Melbourne, Australia. Dozens of brawls had broken out on board the Carnival Legend, a ship owned by the world’s largest cruise firm, many of which had apparently been instigated by a family group of 23. It appears that the crew struggled to control the situation. One video seems to show crew members kicking a passenger on the ground. Another passenger told reporters that she had heard the captain respond to the violence by saying, “What do you want me to do about it, throw them overboard?”

Carnival, the cruise firm that operated the ship, says that it is investigating what happened. But this is far from an isolated incident. In fact, less than two weeks ago,...Continue reading

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