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  • Judges on India’s supreme court accuse the chief justice of bias

    Jan 18, 2018

    Mr Misra is keeping mum

    FOR the biggest constitutional crisis in a generation, as some have labelled the drama currently roiling India’s courts, the setting and the action proved disingenuously genteel. On January 12th four Supreme Court judges hosted an impromptu tea on the lawn of a grace-and-favour bungalow off a tree-lined New Delhi avenue. Enthroned in plastic chairs, the solemn judges revealed to puzzled reporters that two months earlier they had addressed a letter to India’s chief justice. Having received no satisfactory answer, they would now make its contents public.

    In the manner of India’s often prolix court rulings, their text meandered before reaching its point: “There have been instances where cases having far-reaching consequences for the nation and the institution have been assigned by the chief justices of this court selectively to the benches ‘of their preference’ without any rational basis for such assignment.” In short, the frumpish foursome...

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