Myth busters - exposing diets and exercise myths Daniel Mannix Building, Philippa Brazil Lecture Theatre (Ground Floor) Melbourne

Dec 14, 2017
6th Feb 2018:

Myth busters - exposing diets and exercise myths

‘High fat, low fat, carb loading, high carb, low carb, do this before training, do that after training’….does this sound familiar?

Meet John and Louise  aka The Exercise and Nutrition Mythbusters!

Their job? To pull apart and test a selection of the weird, wonderful and potentially credible diet and exercise myths that are targeted to increase performance. Putting the most popular ‘myths’ to the test, our Mythbusters will examine and present evidence based on their findings – some myths may be ‘busted for good’ while others, surprisingly, may present with genuine merit.

A fun, engaging, highly credible and social experiment that is open for public interaction and opportunity.

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