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  • Putting a price on Bitcoin

    Dec 08, 2017

    SCENE: A pet shop with a bored looking proprietor. A customer approaches

    CUSTOMER: I’d like to buy a parrot.

    OWNER: Certainly, sir. How about this one? It’s a Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage.

    CUSTOMER: It’s not moving much

    OWNER: It is tired and shagged out after a long squawk

    CUSTOMER: Fair enough. How much is it?

    OWNER: $20,000

    CUSTOMER: I’ll pay with this Bitcoin

    OWNER: Sorry, sir. On WavesDEX, the Bitcoin is only worth $13,500

    CUSTOMER: But on LocalBitcoins, it is over $21,500! Look at the news headlines. 

    OWNER: Sorry, sir, but I can’t afford the risk. My rent, heat and light are all payable in dollars.

    CUSTOMER: But the dollar has ceased to be, it has shuffled off this mortal coil, it is an ex-currency

    OWNER: So you say, sir. But at least it's a reliable means of exchange. It doesn’t move much from minute to minute

    CUSTOMER: Like this parrot

    If ever Bitcoin were widely adopted as a trading currency, this scene would be played...Continue reading

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