Terrorists kill 49 in an attack on mosques in New Zealand

Mar 15, 2019

“WE ARE NOT a place where violent extremism exists,” said Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand on March 15th. It was the country’s largely harmonious, multicultural society that terrorists were trying to undermine, she argues, by attacking two mosques in the city of Christchurch earlier in the day, as worshippers were gathering for Friday prayers. At least 49 people, among them children, were killed. Almost the same number again are being treated for injuries in hospital. It was easily the most deadly terror attack in the country’s history.

The victims were all killed by gunfire, although the police have found and defused two bombs as well. It is still unclear how many shooters were involved, but police say three suspects have so far been arrested. One of them—a man in his late 20s—has been charged with murder, and will appear in court on Saturday. The attacks seemed highly organised, suggesting the shooter or shooters may have been working as part of a bigger cell....

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