The rewilding movement is going from strength to strength

Feb 07, 2019

Cute? Moi?

TAPIRS ARE South America’s largest land mammals. They are one of six species Ignacio Jiménez and his team are trying to re-introduce to the Iberá project, a 7,500km{+2} wetland reserve in north Argentina, run by Tompkins Conservation, an American charity. Like jaguars, pampas deer, giant anteaters, macaws and peccaries (a type of wild pig), tapirs were driven extinct here years ago by ranchers and hunters. For now, to assuage the area’s ranchers, Iberá’s jaguars are confined to an island deep inside the reserve. The macaws, previously caged, have been taught to recognise danger (by exposing them to a stuffed conspecific being savaged by cats), to find fruit and to fly for distances longer than a few metres. And the tapirs, as the picture shows, are breeding successfully. The renewed presence of all these animals is part of a plan to restore the place to its prelapsarian glory—and thus lure eco-...

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