Everyone in Mongolia drives a Prius

Dec 19, 2018

My other camel’s a Prius

THE MELLOW thrum of the Toyota Prius is to the streets of Ulaanbaatar what the screech of brakes and honk of horns is to New York: omnipresent. Beloved of eco-warriors worldwide, the Japanese car dominates the streets of Mongolia’s capital. If you stand on the corner of Sukhbaatar Square in the city centre, a good half of the passenger vehicles you see sailing past are Priuses. Dozens of garages cater exclusively to them. According to UN trade data and The Economist’s estimates, some 60% of Mongolia’s car imports last year were hybrids.

They are popular in Mongolia, as elsewhere, because hybrid engines are efficient and fuel costs low. The cars themselves are also cheap: according to the UB Post, a local newspaper, you can pick up a used Prius for as little as $2,000. That is partly because most Mongolian...

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