America’s nuclear-disarmament talks with North Korea are stuck

Nov 22, 2018

IT HAS BEEN nearly six months since Donald Trump, America’s president, fantasised about the real-estate potential of North Korea’s pristine beaches at a summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un, the North’s dictator. Mr Trump promised that Mr Kim would gain all manner of riches if he agreed to give up his nuclear programme. Shortly afterwards, Mr Trump declared in a tweet that his deal with Mr Kim had solved the problem: there was “no longer a Nuclear Threat” from Mr Kim’s regime.

If that upbeat meeting was any guide, North Korea should long ago have made its first strides towards the nuke-free sunlit uplands that Mr Trump envisaged. But not much has happened. North Korea continues to expand its nuclear programme, in violation of several UN resolutions.

Attempts to establish regular working-level talks to flesh out the agreement between Mr Trump and Mr Kim have led nowhere. The latest such meeting, scheduled for...

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